Martial Arts are complex training systems and traditions of combat, practiced for various reasons like: improvement of health and fitness, self defense, mental and spiritual development or participation in sports competitions.

The Tengu Martial Arts Centre is the first local initiative to bring under the same roof a vast array of martial arts.It was born as a result of our team’s 15 years of work in teaching, practicing and promoting different martial arts.

Constants of our offer, regardless the studied martial arts style are: discipline, seriousness, respect, physical conditioning and development, spiritual development and competitive performance.

Attending our classes is not conditioned by age , sex or sports experience, our training program being diverse enough to satisfy a wide category of people.

Along with the quality of our trainers, our center offers exquisite hygiene and training facilities: training dojo, nutrition consultancy office, boxing ring, fitness bar, cloak room, showers, reception, 30 boxing bags, paos, pads and much more!

Our nutrition consultancy office opens the path to the principles of a healthy life Our specialists, graduates of the 1st UMF Cluj-Napoca generation Nutrition and Dietetics programme, are at your service for: nutrition programs for individuals or collectivities,individual nutrition programs for athletes, creating special diets and menus for nutrition-therapy, education for starting a diet imposed by an illness.

Being a fighter might mean finding your way to victory in competitive martial arts but first of all it should mean fighting your own limits, your own person and everyday life’s obstacles.

Whether you want to improve your physical conditioning and live a healthy life or study a martial arts style out of passion, whether you want to know how to defend yourself or to become a professional contact sports athlete , the TENGU CENTRE will teach you how to BECOME A FIGHTER!


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