Kickboxing is a martial arts style characterized by stand-up fighting, which contains and reunites elements from Karate, Muay Thai and Boxing. Rules allow punching and kicking, the knee strikes being subject to special rules.

Kickboxing is practiced to improve fitness, to learn self defense techniques or to become a professional ring sports athlete.

Our training sessions last for an average of 90 minutes and are structured in 2 groups by technical & effort level.

The “Beginners” group offers initiation in this martial arts style, regardless of age and sports knowledge. The objectives are: studying the basic techniques and strategies, improving the physical conditioning and taking the trainee to the level of admission in the “Advanced” group.

The “Advanced” group is aimed to those who seek results in competitive Kickboxing. The intensity of the training, the technical & contact level are high.You will have the chance to train alongside professional contact sports athletes, which you may join one day in future competitions.




Mixed Martial Arts is a competition platform of full contact martial arts that allows stand up fighting strikes (specifically Boxing and Muay Thai), clinches, Judo and Wrestling techniques and ground fighting (specifically Brazilian Jiu Jits and Wrestling).

The complexity of this sport introduced the notion of “cross-training”, namely training in multiple disciplines to meet the competition demands. An MMA fighter needs to study Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Wrestling for ground fighting and Muay Thai, Kickboxing or Boxing for stand up fighting.

Our MMA training offers the following benefits:

  • simultaneous study of several martial arts (Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Self-Defense)
  • exceptional physical conditioning (this sport is very complex and demanding, requiring a special focus on the practitioner’s physical condition)
  • implementation of self-defense and fighting techniques in real-life situations
  • opportunity to participate in competitions, MMA has become one of the most popular contact sports in recent years



Muay Thai Training

MUAY THAI-ul, cunscut si ca BOXUL THAILANDEZ este o arta martiala originara din Thailanda, avand o vechime de mai multe sute de ani.

Numita si “Arta celor 8 membre” , datorita loviturilor specifice de pumn, tibie , genunchi si cot, aceasta are un grad ridicat de eficienta si spectaculozitate, fiind considerata una din cele mai realiste discipline de lupta existente.

Astfel , puteti studia muay thai alaturi de noi pentru:

  • CONDITIE FIZICA SUPERIOARA , intensitatea antrenamentului si multitudinea de lovituri oferind practicantului rezistenta crescuta la efort dinamic si o tonifiere si dezvoltare musculara deosebita a intregului corp
  • AUTOAPARARE – fiind la origine un stil de lupta cu mana goala, MUAY THAI-ul ofera o varietate extraordinara de tehnici de autoaparare in situatii reale de lupta, accentul punandu-se pe folosirea greutatii proprii, in tehnici si lovituri , pentru neutralizarea unui adversar mai puternic sau chiar inarmat
  • PERFORMANTA – MUAY-THAI-ul si KICKBOX-ul, devin treptat cele mai importante sporturi de lupta in ring, iar sportivii antrenati la Centrul TENGU obtin in mod regulat rezultate excelente in aceste competitii.

Va invitam sa va antrenati alaturi de noi , indiferent de sex, varsta sau pregatire si sa descoperiti fascinanta lume a MUAY-THAI-ului.



Self Defense

Ju Jitsu is a Japanese close combat martial arts style, characterized by using the opponent’s weight and strength against himself, rather than confronting it directly.

This style has appeared in feudal Japan, being used by the samurai to defend against heavily armed and armored opponents and has developed ever since.

In word by word translation Ju Jitsu means “the soft art”, emphasizing the importance of using the opponent’s energy to submit or neutralize him trough throws, pins or joint locks.

In the context of nowadays society high attention towards the child’s sports activities and discipline is required. Long school classes, parent’s late working hours and the numerous extra-school temptations might lead to the omission of the child’s need of physical education, which might have unpleasant consequences in his development.

Our Kids Self Defense class is defined by intense physical training but most especially by the inoculation of respect, discipline and emphasizing every child’s unique potential.

Attending our class will help your child by:

  • developing motor and functional skills, moves coordination, balance, and spatial orientation
  • building organization , support , collaboration , initiative and perseverance in following an objective skills
  • improving health and physical development
  • developing creativity , adaptability and team spirit
  • cultivating respect and attention for the teacher (characteristic to Japanese martial arts)
  • learning self defense techniques against punches , kicks or pins and learning the most important striking techniques in martial arts

This class’ strong point is the fact that participating is not influenced by sex, age or previous sports experience, the apprehension and practice of a correct technique is the only condition for achieving real results.


Private Training - Martial Arts

For those who:

  • need a personal trainer
  • want to perfect certain technical elements alongside an instructor
  • can’t follow a regular training schedule
  • train for martial arts competitions

Our centre offers the possibility of attending private training sessions with a personal trainer. Participation may be individual or in groups of up to 5 persons.

The studied techniques are the ones taught in the standard training classes, but private training holds certain advantages like:

  • exclusive attention of a personal trainer
  • flexible schedule, on agreement with the trainer
  • concentration on the objectives demanded by the client and following their fulfillment
  • personalized training agenda
  • improving and developing elements studied in the standard classes

TEAM BUILDING – “The World of Martial Arts”

Team Building

The participants will have the chance to get to know the essence of the most popular martial arts styles , attending demonstrations and learning specific techniques and approaches. The emphasis will be on team work with the objectives of improving collaboration, empathy and support among group members.

Training in martial arts generates self confidence , work energy and a real psychological refreshment essential under nowadays work and stress conditions.

The practiced exercises will be simple , based on efficiency and real practice , executed in a friendly environment governed by respect and hard work.

The trainees will study: kicks and punches, self defense techniques, physical conditioning methods, mental strength improvement and weapon techniques.

Also, a few basic healthy nutrition principles will be presented, essential under today’s work and living conditions.

In conclusion the participants will:

  • train physically intense for 1 day
  • get to know their work mates better
  • strengthen relationships with colleagues
  • gain a new perspective on physical and spiritual training