Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Self Defense, MMA

Born in 1973 in Cluj-Napoca, Laczko Levente has always been passionate about martial arts, and has been training starting since 1986 in: Shotokan Karate (1986-1989), Tae Kwon Do (1989-1993), Ju Jitsu & Kyokushin Budokai (1994-2005), Kickboxing & Muay Thai (2000-2011). By exams under important names of the martial arts world (Dieter Eisheuer – 7 dan Kyokushin Budokai, Szépvölgyi Géza – 7 dan Ju Jitsu, Ioan Balaceanu – 5 dan Ju Jitsu/ 4 dan Kyokushin Budokai) he reaches 2 dan in Ju Jitsu and Kyokushin Budokai.

Between 1993-2005 he teaches a combination of the 2 styles for the White Tiger Budokan Club , 5 of his students achieving black belts.

In 2005 he founds his own club “Club Sportiv Tengu”, teaching Kickboxing and Muay Thai exclusively.

Regardless the taught style, Laczko Levente’s training sessions are characterized by discipline, respect, seriousness, realism and self improvement.



Bogdan Barbu is one of the most active and decorated Romanian MMA fighters, holding 2 belts at the same time in two important promotions from two different countries: RXF (Romania) and EaglesFC (Moldavia). He has also fought under prestigious MMA promotions such as KSW and ACA.