Nutrition Consultance

Our nutrition consultancy office opens the path to the principles of a healthy life. Our specialists , graduates of the 1st UMF Cluj-Napoca generation of Nutrition and Dietetics programme, are at your service for: nutrition programs for individuals or collectivities, individual nutrition programs for athletes, creating special diets and menus for nutrition-therapy, education for starting a diet imposed by an illness.

Our office offers the following services:

  • Nutritional status evaluations
  • Creation and implementation of menus for a balanced and healthy alimentation
  • Personalized diets , adapted quantitatively and qualitatively for weight loss or gain
  • Diet therapy for different pathologies: cardiovascular, digestive, hepatic, metabolic
  • Segment analysis of body composition (fat mass, visceral fat mass, muscular mass, bone mass, body water percentage)
  • Creation of nutrition programs for athletes
  • Behavior and motivational therapy
  • Long term monitoring in achieving the desired objective